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about us - Company structure

Company History

The engineering company Wenninger with its subsidiaries was founded in 1972 in Munich. Under the direction of Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Wenninger - surveyor with completed college education – there have been incorporated classical planning tasks, building surveying and architectural tasks for national as well as for international customers. 

In 1982 the engineering part of the Wenninger-Group has been extended to the business segment “development of geographic information systems”. With the development of  an innovative graphical software, TerraCADdy Classic advanced soon to become the market leader with more than 5000 installations.

The operating part of the business has been transferred to subsidiaries organized according to target groups, which react to the market demands of the respective segment. 

Services and Customizing

An important cornerstone of company strategy is to develop complete solutions and software products, capable to adapt current technology to the various customer requirements. A pool of project experience and tools incurred over many years, allows us to take on issue-border challenges in the areas of GIS, spatial data and CAD.

Business innovations lead to numerous new developments. Among them:

INSPIRE platform with billing function for chargeable services, ALKIS loader, address locator, database server for administration of geo- and factual data, Google connection and many others.

Other product lines, e.g. KartografieGIS and BusinessGIS address the market of dynamic mapping, geo-oriented business organization and Customer Relationship Management systems.

In addition, this product line offers functions for the management of large and distributed amounts of data, routing and object monitoring. Tools like homogenization of the digital elevation model, web visualization and data migration, plus first class customizing services, among others, complete the Wenninger product portfolio. 

With the following extract of our reference and list of projects we want to show you our expertise and experience in the field of Geoinformatics.

Company Goals

Our motto "made to manage your world" provides tools and data in order to picture, analyze and administrate the real environment.  

With these goals we’ve developed a lot of new applications around geografic information systems.

Company structure

The company is devided in 4 divisions. Master of all is “Ingenieurbüro for Geoinformatik” 

The “IfG” includes the software development and data capturing department. It is planned to take over this field including all licences into the CADdy Geomatics GmbH. The second division is CADdy Geomatics GmbH. Here all business affecting the CADdy productline is bundled.

A new business field is the mapservice department. It includes the datasales an webhostingbusiness. A Subdivision is the Geobranchen.com portal and some dataportals for pushing the hosting and databusiness.

Data Products

The core of the entire concept is to supply a large pool of geographical data from various resources.  Our product range can be divided into five different categories:


  • Geographical basis data cadastral data – licensed from public sources or surveyed under licence
  • Topographical data 
  • Road network data - routing and navigation capability - Scout Geomatics and internal data collection
  • Aerial photography data - a data pool of currently 178 cities with ground resolution of 25 cm satellite data covering Germany. Geographical coordinates, digital terrain data (DTM, 3D) - Germany in a 50 m grid and the world in a 800 m grid, risk areas for several risks (floods, vulcanos, accidents, fire, etc.) 
  • Statistical data for thematic map creation
  • Boundary data


Software Products

Due to the change of engineering products and the use of large object-oriented, vector and grid data sources, a substantial pool of tools for editing geographical data was created. These tools are combined under the name TerraGIS. In the context of several joint ventures, a huge number of applications were developed. 

In each case, the distinctive feature is a combination of geographical data and software tool.